Water management

Water cleaning
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Expanded clay has large pore volumes and surface areas make it an ideal media for biological treatment. Biofilm processes are excellent for treating raw water containing ammonia, Manganese, iron etc. Expanded clay can be used for a number of different water and waste water treatment applications, such as Drinking Water treatment, Wastewater treatment and On-site treatment.
• Physical filtration
• Biological filtration
• Pre-treatment for desalination
Run-off water handling
The growth of our cities and the loss of open green areas have led to a considerable deterioration of living conditions, including risk of flooding. Heat Island effect and storm water are two topics we read about in the news today and the climate changes certainly is giving more and heavier rain falls many places in Europe. Using LECA® LWA green roofs, rain beds or drainage / retention beds, this can help solving the problems. Pre-cleaning of the run-off water from paved areas is also an application where LECA® LWA can be used with great advantages.

Run-off water from the agriculture is a topic that we need to tackle. Many nutrients like phosfor is being washed out into our water ways and destroying the life in rivers and ocean. Using a LECA® LWA filter can help solving the problems. Also the smell from the manure tanks is an application where LECA® LWA has a very interesting use, simply applied as a cover over the tanks or lagoons.

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