Circular Economy

A Sustainable Action 

Together we build for the future

We have always had a strong commitment to preserve our natural resources in an efficient way. And it is part of our mission to work with other companies to upscale their waste products, to be part of their circular economy. We know landfill isn’t the ideal solution for many companies and we can help them to give a different destination of their waste streams.


Further more, recycling might help us saving virgin raw materials once we can introduce them without changes to the important characteristics of our products. This recycling process – or upscale circular economy, is already part of our daily routines in our plants in Denmark, Norway, Poland and Portugal, where we are working with companies like GLAVA, ECOPHON, CULTILENE, etc.

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Our extended industrial footprint in Europe allows us to be an important player in the Circular Economy for many companies. Due to our industrial process it is possible to upcycle different waste materials coming from many different type of industries.

Like in Leca Denmark we are working closely together with Ecophon to introduce their industrial waste into our process, eliminating any landfill. Ecophon is a Saint Gobain company developing, manufacturing and market acoustic products and systems -

In fact, the same occurs in Leca Norway, were we are introducing residues from GLAVA, in our process – the residues are coming from the production of mineral wool. GLAVA, a Saint Gobain company, offers a comprehensive range of solutions for construction projects -

Furthermore, Leca Portugal and Leca Poland are upcycling waste materials from different partners. In Portugal we are introducing paper sludge from the paper industries in the process. 

With the introduction of residues in our processes, we contribute to a better future. Every year we give a second life to around 38.000 ton of waste material. Now we want to go further because together we build for the future. 

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