Reducing Settlements and Soil Pressure with Improved Drainage Capacity 

Low bulk density and high strength, combined with easy handling makes LECA® LWA a very competitive lightweight aggregate solving geotechnical problems as:

- Load compensation

- Reduced settlements

- Reduced earth pressure

- Frost insulation

And LECA® LWA can be reused 100% even after laying under the road for more than 100 years.


Wall and Slab solutions with focus on Thermal & Sound insulation, Wet rooms and Impact resistance

Lightweight, Thermal and Sound insulation are the key comfort factors to use  LECA® LWA in your housing project. Whenever building a new villa or renovating a hospital, bothe the owner and user are seaking comfort in utilizing and maintaining the building. 

 LECA® LWA can be applied in loose bulk or mixed with cement as lightweight concrete (Block solution, Floor Base, Precast & Screed Solution). Applied as loose insulation fill or as blocks, lighweight is the key argument. 

Green Roofs and Landscaping

Bringing New Life to Your City, Parks and Green Areas

Making the cities more sustainable is making the cities more green. Creating new urban spaces or rehabilitating old structures, Lightweight and Drainage are essential for sucess. 

Your plants and trees will require excelent growing conditions, with aerated and moist soils. As a porous ceramic aggregate  LECA® LWA will help you suceed with your project and guranteeing and life long easy maintainance. 

And remember,  LECA® LWA  can be blown long distances, both horizontal and vertical. 

Green Roofs and Landscaping
Water Management

Draining, Retention and Cleaning of Agriculture, Storm and Run-off Waters

Storm Water Management is an obvious application for  LECA® LWA - Water interacts with  LECA® Lightweight Aggregate in a way that allows the material to provide water detention and drainage. 

Agriculture - a solution to reduce Ammonia emissions on lagoons, through its ability to float on the surface of water and to effectively prevent & reduce Ammonia (NH3) emissions. 

Drinking water purification or Waste water treament, expanded clay provides excelent characteristics. Our brand  Filtralite® will give you excelent results. 

Water Management

What is Leca® LWA

Leca® LWA is a well-proven, high quality, efficient and durable lightweight aggregate suitable for a wide range of applicants in the construction sector.  It is a sustainable construction material packed with properties that improve the economic, social and environmental performance of a building or infrastructure over its whole lifetime.


To produce expanded clay high temperatures are necessary and the production is therefore energy intensive.


Expanded clay is a well-proven, high quality, efficient and durable lightweight aggregate suitable for a wide range of applicants in the construction sector.


Expanded clay is a unique lightweight aggregate with versatile applications, the only "all in one" aggregate with sustainable use "everywhere".

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Our goal is to be part of the solution to a problem affecting the entire world - how do we guarantee a sustainable future? By investing in environmentally friendly forms of energy in our operations, we can reduce the use of fossil fuels. In accordance with life cycle thinking, our product is long-lasting, durable, safe and, above all, reusable in many ways.

Leca's 75-year history has grown thanks to the environmentally friendly and durable material, lightweight aggregate. Leca® LWA is made from domestic clay, which can be used almost limitlessly in construction. There is no concern about the availability of raw materials because there is enough clay obtained from nature. However, we are not ready as a company, and we are not stopping here.

Curbing climate change and adapting to it requires concrete change from the construction industry. The change is not easy, and not all the steps are clear yet, but the joint journey must start today. Everyone must do their part to ensure a sustainable future for all of us.

Do you see a path towards a carbon-neutral built environment? We see.

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