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#1 supplier of Expanded Clay Lightweight Aggregate in Europe for your infrastructure, housing and water management projects.

Whether doing large-scale or small-scale construction projects, in order to make the building process cost-efficient and run more smoothly, building materials need to be easy to handle, easy to transport and flexible to work with. Leca®products are exactly this.
While Leca® light weight aggregate is a simple product, our solutions are innovative. Alone, it is one single expanded clay pellet, but combining the pellets into an aggregate, possibilities become numerous – whether it is laying the foundation for construction, building roads and walls, or developing drainage solutions. The simplicity of the product makes it extremely flexible in the construction process.We have been around for a long time, so we know that our products work – and they last.
With a local presence in more than 12 European countries, we continue to develop and innovate ourselves looking for new partnerships and business models that propel Leca, our partners and the environment forward.

Because together, we build for the future

What is Leca
“all in one”
Expanded clay is a high quality, durable lightweight aggregate, that has been used for over half a century. The main characteristic of expanded clay is low density combined with high strength. In addition, the aggregate holds many other important characteristics, and it can be described as an “all-in-one” product, providing a huge range of properties vital for sustainable construction.
all in one
Benefits over the whole life cycle
The European expanded clay industry has embraced the principles of sustainable development. Expanded clay is a well-proven, high quality, efficient and competitive construction material that can be used anywhere.
life cycle
Sustainable development is commonly defined as: ”development that meets the needs of the present generation without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. The sustainability debate in the construction industry is often limited to environmental issues. However, the social and economic role of the sector is vital and must be taken into account. Only a built environment which is high performing in social, economic and environmental terms can be considered sustainable. It is important that the sustainability assessment of a building or infrastructure should consider its entire lifecycle. Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) is a method of calculating the total environmental impact of products over their whole lifetime. Using LCA reduces the risk of shifting the impact from one lifecycle stage to another. Although the production of construction products uses resources and impacts on the environment, when looking at the whole lifecycle of a building or infrastructure it is widely recognised that the biggest impact comes from the very long life-time. When making an LCA in the construction sector the assessment must take the technical


Please find below the internet link to the EXpanded Clay Association – EXCA, and the document “Building Our Future with Expanded Clay"
"BUILD, the LECA reference project magazine"
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