LECA International invest in additional production capacity in Estonia

LECA International invest in additional production capacity in Estonia

LECA International, part of the Saint-Gobain Group, is investing in additional production capacity in Estonia. It has been decided to re-open the LECA plant in Häädemeeste as the forecast of the construction market is robust and looks set to achieve sustainable growth.

The production capacity of the site is approximately 350,000m3 and LECA aims to predominantly supply the Baltic market and offer opportunities for exporting to further international markets. Today LECA International has two block plants in operation in the Baltics and the re-opening of the Leca® LWA kiln will strengthen its position in the Baltic market.

The project is expected to be finalized at the end of 2022 and will furthermore bring job opportunities for the local community.

“This is an important investment for LECA International. We have seen an increased need for our products and all our plants are working on maximum capacity. Furthermore, we are also delighted to expand our geographical footprint in the Baltic States where we have identified a growing market for our products and solutions”, says Torben Dyrberg, Managing Director at LECA International.

“It is an important investment for LECA International and a major project for our industrial team. We aim to re-build the site with the latest technologies and focus on sustainability. The plan is to produce Leca® LWA with the best sustainable footprint, by upgrading the plant to utilize alternative bio energy”, says Susanne Bay Jensen, Operations Director at LECA International.

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