Leca Finland Oy invested €1.7 million in a wood pellet facility

Leca Finland Oy invested €1.7 million in a wood pellet facility

The investment will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the Leca® lightweight aggregate plant by 50 percent.

In January 2022, Leca Finland Oy started an investment worth approximately €1.7 million to build a wood pellet combustion line and equipment at its factory in Kuusankoski.

- The investment means that annually 9,000 tons of coal will be replaced by 12,500 tons of locally wood pellets, Production Manager Seppo Saarinen says.

By switching to wood pellets, the carbon dioxide emissions of the factory's production will decrease by 23,000 tons annually, i.e., from 38,000 tons to approximately 15,000 tons. The investment is part of a larger whole, with which Leca Finland Oy will transform its business operations to be carbon neutral by 2035.

The international building materials group Saint-Gobain has determined that it will be carbon neutral by 2050, but its Leca business and the group's Nordic operations have decided to reach the goal earlier.

Even until now, bio and recycled fuels make up about half of the energy used by Leca Finland Oy at its Leca® LWA plant in Kuusankoski. However, the company has decided to elevate bio-based fuels to the main role as an energy source, because recycled fuel oil is also a source of carbon dioxide emissions.

The project started in April 2022

The investment in the wood pellet combustion plant is approximately 65% locally. Both the material handling equipment and the 500 cubic meter pellet tank are locally produced. Only the grinder comes from Europe.

The construction of the new plant started in April 2022, and it was commissioned at the end of 2022, when the use of coal was eliminated.

The factory consumes a truckload of wood pellets per day. - Long weekends and Easter can be managed with a 500 cubic meter tank, says Seppo Saarinen. Giving up coal also significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions caused by transportation, as coal is imported from abroad.


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