How LECA has established their sustainable goals

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Global warming is a true reality. The temperature is raising, the glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. And we can’t forget the changes in seasons with more intense and catastrophic meteorological events. This affects our food, our water, our quality of life and our health. All of this is the result of the human activity with the constant increase of the pollution levels. It is time to act.

LECA is committed to achieve Carbon Neutrality in 2050

LECA is part of the Saint-Gobain Group who has set out its CO2 roadmap for achieving the carbon neutrality 2050. To do so, it is necessary to quantify and understand our emissions to establish the correct actions and monitor our progress in our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions. For doing that LECA aligned themselves with the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards, the GHG Protocol Standards. They provide requirements and guidance for companies and other organizations preparing a GHG emissions inventory.

According to these standards, the GHG emissions of a company are split in three scopes:

  • The Scope 1 emissions refer to direct emissions from owned or controlled sources for product manufacturing. They include for example the emissions from combustion in owned or controlled furnaces and emissions from chemical reactions in owned or controlled process equipment.
  • The Scope 2 emissions refer to indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy (in particular electricity) consumed by the reporting company for product manufacturing.
  • The Scope 3 emissions refer to all other indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain. They are divided in 15 categories related to upstream and downstream activities.

Will it be possible to decrease our CO2 emissions?

After an exhaustive inventory, our intermediate commitment is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in 2025 followed by 50% reduction by 2030, achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050.  To reach these goals LECA will invest in clean processes, substituting the consumption of fossil fuels with green energy. At the same time, we intend to reduce the consumption of virgin materials in all our sites and improving the circular economy for our customers and partners. Recyclable packing based on bio products and challenging our transportation partners is also on our agenda. We have strong intentions to reach beyond our goals before 2050.

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