Leca Portugal officially unveils photovoltaic park

Leca Portugal officially unveils photovoltaic park


On June 2, 2022, Leca Portugal, officially opened the photovoltaic park for the production of electricity at its Avelar plant. Designed with the sustainable objective of reducing electricity consumption and reducing the carbon footprint in the production of LECA lightweight expanded clay aggregate.

The official inauguration was attended by Torben Dyrberg (CEO of LECA International), José Martos (CEO of Saint-Gobain Portugal), António Domingues (Mayor of Ansião), Fernando Inácio Medeiros (Mayor of Avelar), representatives from Reenergy and Bluemint (Partners in Development and Finance) and the local Leca Portugal team who were involved in the project.

In total, 2222 photovoltaic modules were installed spanning around 1 hectare of the factory grounds.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 1105 Tonnes Annually

In addition to reducing the factory's overall energy bill during the manufacturing process, by reducing the electricity consumption, the initiative also creates value through efficiency on the production line.

The project is also of great significance from an environmental and sustainability stand point. In addition to the economical benefits of obtaining energy at a lower cost, the project also contributes to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, as well as reducing the use of an endogenous energy source.

The use of photovoltaic energy will relieve the pressure on the electricity grid, benefiting the local region, as well as reducing losses in its transport and, above all, contribute to reducing the plant's carbon dioxide emissions by about 1105 tonnes per year. An objective that aligns with the commitment of LECA to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

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