LECA Sweden first in the market with a Recycle program: Leca® “Tur & Retur”

Recycle program


During the past years we have seen a transition from a linear to a circular economy, with increased emphasize to give second life to waste. And the building / construction industry is not an exception. Circular economy is today seen as an example of good design and practice.

In the design phase of any new project all phases of the life circle should be taken into account, from cradle to grave. Which means that every project need to be evaluated from sourcing, construction, service life to de-construction. This is a sustainable way to design and operate. Construction materials have an important role in all the phases, they need to satisfy the building’s necessities and the possibility of separate in an easy way in the end-of-life of the construction.

In order to meet the sustainable requirements from the market LECA Sweden has launched a new concept were they offer the market to buy back Leca® LWA:  Leca® Tur & Retur.

For this LECA Sweden have signed a partner deal with the company Ragn-Sells (involved in waste management, environmental services and recycling), that will help collecting, storing and testing the use aggregate. After the test phase and the guarantee of all Leca® LWA proprieties, the material can be reused in other project.  Through the “Leca® Tur & Retur” program we will be able to deliver a product to the market that is even more sustainable with a very low global warming potential footprint.

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