Big bulldozers and less CO2 emissions

Big Bulldozers and Less CO2 Emissions

After more than 10 years in operation Leca Denmark needed to change their bulldozers in the clay pit to keep up the daily work in the clay pit.

The last bulldozer acquisition was back in 2009, which means old machines with high fuel consumptions and high CO2 emissions. The bulldozers are moving approximately 500.000 ton of clay per year. Ever year the maintenance of this machines increased.

Environmental concern is present in the purchase order

In 2020 Ole Lidballe, Purchasing Responsible at Leca International and Michael Søfeldt, Production Manager at Leca Denmark initiated the search for new bulldozers. The requirements were more efficient models, with low CO2 emission, lower diesel and add-blue consumption.

The sustainable bulldozers choice

With all the requirements check-marked, two new bulldozers were bought. Each of the dozers allows transport of 25 tones per push, which decreases the movements and total operations. Further, the consumption of diesel was decreased significantly, which is in line with our sustainable commitment to decrease the overall plant fossil fuel consumption.


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